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When The Great Valley Supermarket Closes Because Of The Lack Of Customers, Michael Plans To Build A Machine That Can Transform Water Into Any Type Of Food Or Drink. But After 3 Months After It Was Released Into The Sky, The Machine Starts To Go Haywire And Starts To Send Food Storms To Every Diemension In The LBT Universe. And Only Michael, Zachary, Ben, And Ruby Can Stop It! By A Complete Surprise, Veloci Got Stuck With Sccrech And Thud When They Were Trying To Find The Secert Of The Machine. But, When A Powerful Kill Code Made By The Newly Hired Professer Flint Lockwood Fails, The Only Way To Destory It Is With A Team Of Raptors! With A Secert Bomb Placed Inside It, The 6 'Exculding Ben' Travelers Flee As The Machine Explodes! But, When They Get Back On The Ground, Veloci, Sccrech, And Thud Stop Acting Nice And Try To Beat Them Up. Luckly, The Rangers And Profeser Landed In The Great Valley And They Teamed Up With The GV Dinosaurs For A Battle. In The End, The Raptors Lost, And The World Yet Again Was Saved. However, How Will The Humans In The Valley Get Food Now?

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