Dinosaucers by lobo gris-d2yus88

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When Michael's New Diemension Portal Sends Him To The Dinosaucer Diemension. He Meets The Dinosaucer Scouts, Allo, And His Teamates, And Is Welcomed To The Team. But, Right After Rex Finds Out, He Meets Red Claw And Veloci For The Extra Support. Now, Michael, Allo, The Scouts, And The Rest Of The Gang Are In A Never Ending Battle For Peace And Universal Saving. The Series Will Only Air In Japan, But Will Be Put In The U.S. However, It Will Stay Dubed In Japanise, But English Subtitles Will Be Added. The Show Will Also Be Based On Dragon Ball Z Kai


Season 1: Michael Meets The Legends

Episode 1. Back To The Past

Episode 2. The Secret Of The Tyrannorsaurs=

Episode 3. Veloci's Super Plan

Episode 4. Allo's New Ride

Episode 5. The Scout's New HQ

Episode 6. Volcano City

Episode 7. The Era Of Good Times

Episode 8. Rocking On The River

Episode 9. Ocean Mystery

Episode 10. The Abandoned Casino

Episdoe 11. The Graveyard Of Dinosaurs

Episode 12. Veloci's Super Ooze Train

Episode 13. Michael's Unlucky Day 'Part 1'

Episode 14. Michael's Unlucky Day 'Part 2'

Episode 15. The Virus Among Us

Episode 16. Streaking Across The Streaker Limited

Episode 17. Close Encounters Of The Evil Kind

Episode 18. The Need For Speed

Episode 19. The Battle Of The Century

Episode 20. The Hero Celebration

Season 2: Coming Soon

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