Szmaragdy emeralds

The Dinosaur Emeralds

"The Servers Are The 7 Dinos, Dinos Are A Power, Powers Enriched By Heart, The Controller Is The One Who Unifies The Dinos!" Quote From Ruby's Mom/The Chant To Become Hyper Dinos Or Humans.

The Dinosaur Emeralds Were Passed Down From Generation To Generation. They Were Created By The First Settlers Of The Great Valley To Protect The Valley From Attacks By The Sharpteeth. However, When A Longneck Spy Found Out They Were Planning To Steal The Emeralds, The Settlers Have Put A Emerald In Diffrent Locations So They Couldn't Find Them. Whisper Said That Whoever Got All 7 Emeralds, He Or She Will Reach A Super High Power Level, And Will Be Unstoppable. But, When Red Claw And Veloci Began To Work Together, The Only Way To Stop Them, Is To Use The Emerald's Power. In The End, The Emeralds Were Found By Michael The Dino Ranger, Littlefoot, And His Friends, And Defeated The Evil Force... For Now.

1. Red Emerald At Crater (The Great Longneck Migration)

2. Blue Emerald At Chomper's Island (The Mystreious Island)

3. White Emerald In The Snowy Mountains

4. Orange One At Canyon Of The Shiny Stones

5. Green One At Fruit Valley (LBT TV Series The Hidden Valley)

6. Black One At Berry Valley (Wisdom Of Friends)

7. Yellow One At Red Claw's Headquarters (Orignally At Saurs Rock)

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