Ali is an Apatosaurus who bears a striking resemblance to Littlefoot, (Ducky even comments when she first sees Ali, playing with Littlefoot, "Hey! There are two Littlefoots!") apart from her darker pink skin color and light blue eyes. In the TV series, she has a more purplish color of skin. She and her mother belong to a herd of longnecks who are related to Littlefoot's grandparents and were forced to leave their homeland due to flooding and excess rain. With their old home turned into a vast swamp, called the Land of Mists, Ali's herd, led by the matriarch called the Old One, was forced to leave.

In the LBT-The First Humans, Ali had a arguement with Ruby to see which one of them is going to be Michael's future dream girl. The arguement broke up after Michael said that he'll send both her and Ruby back to the Great Valley if they don't stop it.

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