Saro Tells a Story cover

An old friend of Grandpa Longneck, who appears in the episode of the TV series, "The Legend of the Story Speaker". He is an Apatosaurus, voiced by Pete Sepenuk. When he was young, Saro was very interested in the Longneck legends, and wanted to learn every one of them. In the episode, Saro comes to the Great Valley and informs Grandpa Longneck that many longnecks are forgetting the stories, and requests that he resume his old job as a story speaker. He gets angry and leaves when Grandpa Longneck tells him his place is in the Great Valley, before he can add that he wants Saro to take up the role himself. Littlefoot and Chomper then follow Saro into the Mysterious Beyond and inform him of this, but he feels uncertain about telling the stories without Grandpa Longneck there. After a rockslide traps the three of them, he tells them a story to pass the time and give them encouragement until they are rescued. When Grandpa Longneck and the children free them, Grandpa Longneck tells Saro that the manner in which he used the story to teach Littlefoot and Chomper about bravery and courage in a time when they needed it proves he is worthy of the job. Saro finally accepts it.

In the LBT-Humanization Series, he has a job of telling children the storys that he picked up over the years.

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