Shorty is a character in The Land Before Time film and TV series. He is an orphaned Brachiosaurus, and first appeared in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration. In the film, he was voiced by Brandon DePaul, while in the television series, he is voiced by Elizabeth Daily. As Bron tells Littlefoot, Shorty was found wandering in the wilderness with eight or so orange and brown colored Camarasaurus hatchlings. Since he was the eldest of the small herd, as shown in the flashback, he was very protective of the hatchlings. In the end, Shorty, along with the hatchlings, followed Bron.


In the crater, where all the of longnecks had all gathered, Shorty and Littlefoot failed to co-exist peacefully at first. Shorty was jealous of Littlefoot because, as Littlefoot was Bron's biological son, Bron had now devoted all of his attention to him. Near the end of the movie, as Littlefoot tried to stop Shorty from leaving the area alone, he proposed that they could be brothers, which made Shorty happier and not as jealous of Littlefoot. In the end, he gets along well with Littlefoot and his friends.

When Littlefoot decided to return to the Great Valley with his grandparents, he asked Bron to officially adopt Shorty, which he did. The two then became foster brothers.

The Great Longneck Migration was Shorty's only appearance to-date in the films, but he appeared with Bron in the TV series' episode The Big Longneck Test.

In the LBT-Humanization Series, he has been known to switch sides with the Redback Gang and the Dino Rangers.

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