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The Great Valley Is Building A Brand New Dinosaur Museam To Attract Toursits And Vistors. Michael Says It Will Be Made With The Most Strongest Wood In The Mesozoic Era, Dino Jobi-Wood. However When Michael Tells The Others About The Wood, They Began To Be More Eager To Take The Load The Consturction Site. Littlefoot Thinks He May Get To Pull The Load Because He's More Useful Than A Three-Horn Leaving Cera Cross. So, She Decided To Take The Load Herself, However She Doesn't Get Far When The Bridge That Leads To The Site Wasn't Built Yet. Luckly, Littlefoot Save's Cera, But To Lose The Wood In The Process. That Night Whisper Congratulates Littlefoot For Making The Right Decision To Save Cera, And Rewards Littlefoot A Trip To A Completed Dinosaur Muesam In The 3rd Diemension. The Next Day At The Docks, Hermit The Crab Tells Everyone About Logging Island. "Logging Island Is A Small Island, It's Not Faraway, But It's Always Covered... In Mist, No One Can Remember Seeing Logging Island" Mr. Thicknose Also Explains He May Have Seen The Island A Long Time Ago. Hermit Also Explains About Three Steam Locomotives That Work There. "They Say That They Puff And Chuff, In Odd Ways, Not One Has Ever Seen Them, Not That We Heard Of"

After Hermit Finishes His Story, The Dockside Manger Says That The Ship Has No More Room Because Of A Diesel Engine Is Being Sent Back For Repairs. Littlefoot Sees A Smaller Raft Chained To The Back Of The Ship, The Manger Explains The Raft Chain Has Been Rusting Lately, But Littlefoot Climbs On Board The Raft Anyway. During The Night Before Reaching The Portal To The 3rd Diemension, The Raft's Chain Snaps Leaving Littlefoot Stranded At Sea. His Raft Rocked And Rolled Until Morning, With A Bump, Littlefoot Struck Land. Seeing Train Tracks, Littlefoot Uses A Old Speeder Which Looks Operational To Speed Around The Island, The Tracks Passed Trees, Hills, And Mountains. Soon, Strange Things Happen, Littlefoot Hears Wheels Ratting On Rusty Track, Showered With Pebbles, And A Loud, Booming, Logging 3 Chime Steam Whistle. He Soon Encounters 3 Steamers Named Climax, Heisler, And Shay And Explain To Him That He's On Logging Island. Then They Call Themselves By Their Crews As The Geared Steam Engines, And They Were Trying To See If Littlefoot Will Play With Them. However, Littlefoot Leaves The Geared Steam Engines And Trys To Leave The Island By Find A Secret Path Or A Harbour. So Shall Littlefoot Leave Logging Island, Or Will He Be Stuck There FOREVER?

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