377px-FANMADE Big Macintosh

Big McIntosh Is The Brother Of Applejack, And He Normally Plows Fields For Planting Apple Seeds.

Big McIntosh or Big Macintosh is Applejack's and Apple Bloom's older brother and part of the Apple family. He makes his debut in the first episode, during which he idly walks in Ponyville the moment Twilight Sparkle first arrives. Later, Applejack introduces him during the Apple family reunion, although he has no speaking roles until the fourth episode, Applebuck Season. He is soft-spoken and often replies with a simple "eeyup" or "nnope". He is first called by the nickname Big Mac in The Cutie Pox.

In The LBT-MLP Crossover TV Series, He's In Charge Of Making Pizza Dough And Apple Cider For The Ponyville Pizzeria.

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