When Michael Opens Up The Portal To The MLP Diemension, Michael, Zachary, Ben, Littlefoot And His Friends Enter It, And They Arrive Back In Equestria, Home To Dragons, Mystical Creatures, And Poines. In This Series, Michael, The Dino Rangers And Dinosaurs Have Adventures And With New And Crazy Locations, Old/New Characters, And The Legend Of A Super Powerful Orb That Only Human Can Absorb.

Season 1: The Rare/New Vistors

Episode 1: A Pony's Welcome 'Part 1'

Episode 2: A Pony's Welcome 'Part 2'

Episode 3: Applejack's New Intrest

Episode 4: The Ponyville Pizzeria

Episode 5: The Ghost Of Train #13

Episode 6: Michael's New Tuxedo

Episode 7: Black With Envy

Episode 8: Spike Meets Spike

Episode 9: Through The Flame Of Hope

Episode 10: The Mayor's Retirement

Episode 11: Open Your Soul

Episode 12: Crystal City

Episode 13: The Legend Of The Super Orb 'Part 1

Episode 14: The Legend Of The Super Orb 'Part 2'

Episode 15: A War For Peace

Season 2: The Unexpected Surprise!

Episode 1: Veloci's Velociraptor Attack!

Episode 2: The Equestria 500

Episode 3: The Shrot's First Run

Episode 4: Steel And Apples All The Way

Episode 5: Film And Flam's Return

Episode 6: Human VS Pegasus

Episode 7: The Golden Dragon

Episode 8: The Model Experts

Episode 9: Michael's New Pony Form

Episode 10: The Cutie Crusader Expo

Episode 11: The Flying Scotsman's Visit.

Episode 12: The Statue Of Luna

Episode 13: Return Of Darkness 'Part 1'

Episode 14: Return Of Darkness 'Part 2'

Episode 15: Return Of Darkness 'Part 3'

Season 3:Coming Soon

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