Garble by chisella1412-d4uhgw8

Garble's Name Confuses People For The Word Gravel. Since Grable And Gravel Sound The Same.

Garble is a maroon, teenage male dragon. He first appears in Dragon Quest, and is the apparent leader of the gang that Spike encounters. He is unnamed in the show, but is named in the script. Garble is a tall, adolescent dragon, with dull maroon scales. He has pinkish freckles and yellow spikes which end in a webbed crest on his head similar to those on the helmets of Princess Luna's guards. His eyes are yellow with purple pupils, and he has yellow, slightly torn wings.

In The LBT-MLP Crossover TV Series, When He Finds Out That Michael Is A Human, He Soon Discovers That Humans Killed Dragons In The Days Of Knights In Shining Armor. To Stop The Dragon Slayer, Garth And His Teen Dragon Friends Decied To Destroy Him And As Garble Says "To Bring Peace To All Dragons Everywere"

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