Mlp fim wallpaper heroes vs villans by blue paint sea-d4w50sr

The Movie Poster 'Note Discord, Glida, Trixie, And The Flim/Flam Brothers Won't Appear In This Movie'

When Michael Is Playing TF2, A Message For Him Called 'Pony Fan' Makes Him Stop Playing To Look At The E-Mail. But, When He Looks At The E-mail, There's A Link To A Website Called Being A Pony Fan, Michael Clicks On The Link, Sending Him Out Of His LBT Diemenison, To The MLP Diemenison! Because Of The MLP Surroundings, Michael Faints, And Twilight Sparkle, Seeing The Human On Ground, Takes Him Back To Her House And Puts Him In Bed, Hoping That He Will Wake Up. Meanwhile At Red Claw's Volcano HQ, Red Claw Has Come Up With A Triassic Cold, And Tells Veloci To Take Care Of His Work Until He's Well Again. Veloci Hesitates At First, But Accepts. Just Then, Bad Rap, Spittor, And Haxx Race In With A Crystal With A Skill Design. Veloci, Surprised At The Raptor's Finding, Begins To Study It, And Then Something Catches His Eyes. "The Creature In This Crystal Has The Power To Change Day To Night, And Is The Sister To A Princess. The More Darkness, The More Power! The More Power, The Greater Chance To Take Over The World... YES! This Plan Is Bound To Work!" Quickly, He Put's It In A Test Room, And After A Huge Explsion, Nightmare Moon, Walks Out Of The Test Room And Looks Around Before Looking At Veloci. "Where In All Of Equestria Is This Place?" Veloci, Startled, Speaks To Her. "Why, You Are In The LBT Diemension" Nightmare Moon, Looking Puzzled Speaks Nicely To Veloci To Calm Him Down. "I See, Dinosaurs Live Here? Very Impressive! So, Who And What Are You, You Don't Look Like A Pony." Veloci Gets Upset At Her And Doesn't Show It. "I'm Doctor Victor Velociraptor, Everybody Calls Me Veloci For Short. I'm Both Human And A Velociraptor" Transforming Into A Raptor For Proof. Somehow Nightmare Moon Likes A Creature That Can Transform Into Two Things. "So, Vic? What Am I Doing Here? I Come From Another Diemension, Not This One Though" Veloci Replies To His Discovered Pony "You Were In A Crystal Before You Came Out Of It." Suddenly Nightmare Moon Remembers, And Explains To Veloci What Happened. Veloci, Surprised That She Wanted Take Over The Planet In The MLP Diemension, Agrees To Help Her, But Under One Condition, That After Taking Over Equestria, She Will Help Veloci. Nightmare Moon Agrees To The Idea. And They Both Laugh... Evily! Back In The MLP Diemension, Michael Wakes Up To See Spkie 'Dragon' Sleeping On The Bed. Michael Screams And Slams Into A Wall, Causing Twilight To Race Up The Stairs To Find What's Going On. She Finds Michael Dazed In Surprise Underneath A Pile Of Books.

After Twilight Places A Bandage On His Head To Ease The Swelling, Michael Jumps In Disbelief. Soon Michael Explains That He's A Human From The LBT Diemension. Twilight Rushes To Find The Book Of Foreign Animals, And Finds The Page For Humans. "Ah, Here We Are, Humans." After Twilight Finishes Her Research, Princess Celesta Arrives In Twilight's Libary. Michael, Seeing The Princess And Thinking Of A Enemy Or Banishment, Quickly Hides So Not To Be Seen. Twilight Quickly Puts Away The Book And Greets The Princess With A Smile. Michael Hopes That Twilight Won't Tell The Princess On Him, But She Does And Michael 'Quietly' Leaves The Room Without Anyone Seeing Him. After That, Michael Sneaks Into The Countryside Without Any-Pony Seeing Him. Luckly, Michael Arrived In Sweet Apple Acres. Suddenly, Michael Sees Applejack Coming Out Of The Barn With Applebloom. With Quick Thinking, Michael Hides Behind A Small Ditch, And Waits Until They're Out Of Site. Soon, Michael Becomes Hungry And Secretly Takes A Apple From A Tree, And Hightails Out Of The Farm. But Hit's Big McIntosh By Accident. Michael Races Off Again And Crashes Into Applejack And Applebloom Causing Them To Lose The Fresh Apples They Picked. Michael, Trying Not To Get Caught, Races Back Into Ponyville, Only To Find Twilight, Spike 'Dragon' , And Celestia Looking For Him. Michael Soon Sees Mr And Ms Cake Leaving The Cupcake Shop. Giving One Chance, He Sneakly Heads Inside The Shop Without Anybody Noticing. Just Then, Applejack Races In Telling Twilight, Spike, And Celesta What She Saw. After Twilight Explains Everything, Applejack Joins The Human Search Party. Michael Get's Ready To Eat The Apple, But To Have A Worm In It. Soon Michael Sees A Plain Vanilla Cupcake On The Counter, But As He Was About Get It, Chewy Grabs Michael's Left Arm, Giving Michael A Hard Time. Soon, Chewy Let Go Of His Arm, And He Takes The Cupcake. Suddenley, Pinkie Pie Comes Out Of The Kitchen, To The Find Him In The Shop. Quickly, Michael Races Right Through The Wall, And Enter's Rarity's Shop. Rarity Hears The Noise And Races Downstairs To See The Humans Clothes Tattered And Torn. "MY GOODNESS! You Can't Go Out In The Public With Those Torn Clothes, I'll Fix Them For You." Michael Shut's The Door And Speaks To Rarity. "Look, I Appreciate It, But, I'll Send Them To My Personal Tailor." But Rarity Replies In Kind "No, I Insist . You Are So Handsome That I'll Do It For Free!" So, His Clothes Were Fixed And Michael Sneaks To The Next Location, Fluttershy's Cottage.

When He Arrives At The Cottage, Fluttershy Is Busy Feeding Her Animals, Leaving Michael With A Advantage To Sneak Away Before He Gets Caught. However, Fluttershy Sees Him And Races Away To Find The Others What She Saw. Michael Knows That He Can Be Caught At His Normal Running Speed, So He Picks Up His Pace To Go At His Normal Speed Of Sound Running Speed. Rainbow Dash, Clearing The Skys Sees Michael's Speed And Races After Him. "Hey! Who Are You? You Got Some Real Speed!" Michael, Surprised Stops Running And Chat's With Rainbow Dash. However, After Rainbow Dash Says That She's The Fastest Pony In Equestria, Michael Challenges Her To A Race, And She Accepts. The Race Course Is Between The Point They Meet, To The Dragon's Cave. Soon, With A Zoom, They Were Off.

After Arriving At The Dragon's Cave, They Could See The Other Poines And Celestia With Them. Celestia Walks Over To Michael. Michael Closes His Eyes Hoping For The Worst. But, The Princess Speaks Nicely To Him. "Are You The Human That Twilight Spoke To Me About?" Michael Opens His Eyes, The Smile On The Princess Face, Made Michael Calm Down, And Speaks To The Princess. "Y-Yes, I Am Your Highness." The Princess Is Surprise That Michael Is A Gentleman Of A Pony. Soon, Michael Tells The Tale About He Got To This Diemension. Everyone, Was Amazed By The Tale, And All Of Them Are Determend To Get Michael Home.

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