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When A Large Crime Spree Spreads Through The Valley And All Of Michael's Friends Are Whitnesses To All Cases. Michael And His Friend Phoenix Wright Now Have To Prove Everyone Not Guilty And The Person Responsible Guilty.

Michael-Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright-Himself

Littlefoot And His Friends-Whitnesses

Veloci-Final Case Prosecutor



There Are 30 Cases To Play, You Also Need To Find Clues And Solve The Mystery. If You Lose Once, The Game Is Over.

You'll Need To Find Clues, And Solve The Mystery. It Takes Time, But You Can Use Hints To Find Usable Objects For The Case.

-TV Series-

Season 1: Court Is Session

Episode 1: The Mystery Is Ready

Episode 2: Whitness Danger

Episode 3: The Case Of Missing Sub-Sandwichs.

Episode 4: Testimony For Chomper

Episode 5: OBJECTION!!!

Episode 6: Phoenix In Court!

Episode 7: Court Rivals

Episode 8: The Bank Robbery

Episode 9: Mr. Paine's Wii

Episode 10: The Judge's Hoilday

Season 2: Coming Soon

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