Mr MONOPOLY-2small

He may look like a ordinary man, but he's a multi-billionare with a heart of gold.

In the 4th episode of the Land Before Time: The Human Chronicles Season 2, Mr. Monopoly moves to the Great Valley to begin a new reign of owning a huge Monopoly, by helping Michael and the DPF with Public Works Projects, Industries, Farms, Transportation, and creating the biggest bank in the prehistoric world. He's beyond rich, and lives in a huge Mansion in Downtown Great Valley. He maybe be rich, but he's not mean, boastful, or impatient as he has a heart of pure gold. But, he is always targeted by Victor Veloci, hoping to steal his fortune in anyway possible. It's not always easy for Mr. Monopoly to live his new life in a prehistoric world, but tries his hardest everyday.

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