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Chomper's Old Pal Noah Invites Him And His Dino And Human Friends To See The Geeker Diemiension, Unaware That Mr. Moloch Has Plans With The Ranger, T-rex, And Geeker With The Help Of Veloci And Red Claw. When Michael Finds Out The Story Of Geeker And Dinopolis, He Promises To Look After Him. But When Veloci, Red Claw, And Mr. Moloch Plan A Invasion In All Of The Diemisions, The 3 Criminals, The Dinosaurs, And Ranger Have To Stop The Invasion At Any Cost!

Show Theme - A.K.A The Fastest Human Alive Song.

Season 1: Michael's Unexepected Visit

Episode 1. Michael's Visit

Episode 2. Geeker And Michael's Day Out

Episode 3. Noah's Hunger Problem

Episode 4. Mr. Moloch+Veloci=Trouble

Episode 5. Betty's Arm Story

Episode 6. Noah's Rival

Episode 7. The Wheeler

Episode 8. Geeker In Veloci's World

Episode 9. Michael And Dinopolis

Episode 10. Noah's Inside Story

Episode 11. The Race To Victory

Episode 12. Bombs Away!

Episode 13. The Rex VS The Raptor

Episode 14. The Case Of The Missing Emeralds

Episode 15. The New Heros

Season Two: Coming Soon

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