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When A Huge Distaster Hits A Planet Called Le-Montior, Maetel had no choice but to either run away from Le-Montior or stay and take over her stepmother's job of ruling over it. After being asked to take over for her stepmother, Maetel is forced to go to Le-Montior. On the way there, she meets Michael who is traveling to Le-Montior for a different reason; Revenge! On arriving she quickly comes to realize her stepmother has been forcing all the humans on the planet to gain mechanical bodies as her planet is being over come with another ice age.

The mechanized beings then slowly move to other galaxies, turning others into cyborgs against their will. Then rebels stood up against the beings and a war followed out. Maetel, now thrown into the middle of the battle, is now stuck between what is right and what is duty.

Season 1: Red Alert!

Episode 1: Welcome To Planet Le-Montior

Episode 2: Michael's Revenge

Episode 3: The Week Before War

Episode 4: Rhapsody In Sliver

Episode 5: The Magic Flute

Episode 6: Requiem

Episode 7: The Way To Freedom

Episode 8: The Funeral March For Stepmother

Episode 9: The Sceret Springs

Episode 10: The ROBO War!

Season Two: Coming Soon!

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