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Veloci: "Why Is My Precious Rocketship Drifting Off Into The Deep Cretaceous Space? Why Am I Reaching You At The Coordinates At The Abandoned Space Junction? WHY! WHY! FREAKING WHY?"

When Michael And Zachary Have A World Expedtion, Veloci Plans A All Out Attack Plan Called Plan Veloci-Raptor. Now Michael And Zachary Have To Travel To All Of The Countrys In The LBT Diemiension To Save The World From Veloci's Grasp! The Show Will Be Based Off The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Michael As Sonic

Littlefoot As Tails

Victor Veloci As Dr. Robotnik

Screech As Scratch

Thud As Grounder

Ozzy As Coco-Nuts

Female Gamer From Dino Squad As Breezey

Dingo The Brachiosaurs As Michael And Littlefoot's New Sidekick

Raptor As Veloci's New Son

Season 1: A Adventure Awaits!

Episode 1. The Super Michael Search And Smash Squad

Episode 2. Lovestruck Michael

Episode 3. Subterranean Michael

Episode 4. Full Tilt Zachary

Episode 5. High Stakes Michael

Episode 6. Jailhouse Breakout

Episode 7. The Trail Of The Missing Zachary

Episode 8. The Close Encounter Of The Ranger Kind

Episode 9. Mama Veloci's Birthday

Episode 10. Big Papa

Episode 11. Michael's Song

Episode 12. Birth Of Dingo The Longneck

Episode 13. The Best Human

Episode 14. The Veloci Express

Episode 15. R-A-I-D-Fest!

Episode 16. Dingo's New Home

Episode 17. Blank-headed Moron

Episode 18. The Mystery Of The Missing Dino-Watch

Episode 19. The Bounty's Loot 'Part 1'

Episode 20. The Bounty's Loot 'Part 2'

Episode 21. The Bounty's Loot 'Part 3'

Episode 22. Mass Transit Trouble

Episode 23. The Chicago Party

Episode 24. The Christmas Episode 'Part 1'

Episode 25. The Christmas Episode 'Part 2'

Episode 26. The Battle At Frontierton

Episode 27. Spaceman Michael

Episode 28. The Express To Rednecky

Episode 29. The Battle For Justice 'Part 1'

Episode 30. The Battle For Justice 'Part 2'

Season 2: Coming Soon

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