The Movie Poster

Michael Built A Replica Of The DeLorean From Back To The Future For The Great Valley Car Expo. But When Michael Was Taking A Test Drive, It Went Haywire And Sent Michael Into A Another Diemiension, Right After That, It Hits A Tree And Knocks Michael Out Cold. After Michael Wakes Up, Michael Finds Himself In A Another Diemenison. Pinching Himself To Help Him Wake Up From A Dream, It Fails And He Gets Bitten By Dink The Little Dinosaur, Leaving Michael Confused, Surprized, And Worried. Seeing Michael Worried, Dink Takes Him To See Amber, Shyler, Scat, Flapper, And Crusty In Green Meadow. Michael Sees Amber Looking At Him, Causing Him To Blush, And So Does Amber. Crusty, Trying To Help Him, Tells Everyone About A Rare, But Famous Crystal That Can Reveal Someone's Past, And Show Possable Future Events. Tyrannor, That Sneaked Into Green Meadows, Listens To The Consveration, Which Causes Him To Think That It Can Help Him To Get Rid Of Dink And His Friends. With That Said, Michael, Dink, And His Friends Leave Green Meadows With Crusty To Lead The Way To The Crystal And The Ticket To Get Michael Home. Shall They Succeed? Or Will Tyrannor Finsh Their Adventures Forever!

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