Michael, Zachary, And Ben Were Visiting A New Park In The West Of Texas, Somehow They Went Back In Time To 70 Million Years Ago By Going Through A Stone Portal That Wasn't Built By Anyone And Finding Out That The Planet Is In Peril And The Real World Might Not Exist If The Chosen One Doesn't Stop Red Claw. Whisper (Littlefoot's Grandfather) Said There Are 7 Gems Called Dinosaur Emeralds That Originated By The First Settlers Of The Great Valley. But, Due To Safety Concerns In The Recent Years. They Put A Emerald In Different Locations Around The World. Now Michael, Littlefoot And His Friends Must Go On A Long And Dangerous Quest To Find The 7 Dinosaur Emeralds Before Red Claw And Veloci Does! Will They Get The Emeralds And Save The Planet? Or Will Our World Become A Wasteland?

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