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The Series After The Land Before Time-Meets The Galaxy Railways.

Season 1: The Opening Of The Railroads

Episode 1. A New Platoon Train

Episode 2. The Training For Sucess

Episode 3. The Express To Armedia

Episode 4. Ghost Train #119

Episode 5. Bomb Crisis 'Part 1'

Episode 6. Bomb Crisis 'Part 2'

Episode 7. The Upgrade For Destiny

Episode 8. The Trouble With The Huge Boy.

Episode 9. Bruce VS Krillan

Episode 10. A Unknown World

Episode 11. Pirates And The Trains

Episode 12. The Speed Of Steam

Episode 13. Old Locos, New Beginings

Episode 14. Trapped In Space

Episode 15. The Huge Delivery

Episode 16. Cowcatchers VS Pliot Beams

Episode 17. The Headlight From Underground

Episode 18. The Time Train

Episode 19. Wizard On The Track

Episode 20. The Return Of A Legend

Season 2: Coming Soon

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