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The Series After The Land Before Time-The First Humans

the series will be similar to The Simpsons

TV Show Opening Theme-

TV Show Ending Theme-

Season 1: The New Era!

Episode 1. The Cavern Of No Return!

Episode 2. A Race Of Wits

Episode 3. The Missing Passenger Car

Episode 4. Ali, Rhett And The Farm

Episode 5. Airport Madness

Episode 6. Narrow Gauge Discovery

Episode 7. Nightmares

Episode 8. The Comet In The Water

Episode 9. Experts And Love

Episode 10. Ruby's First Date

Episode 11. Chomper VS Chomperess.

Episode 12. Roy And The Valley

Episode 13. The Speed Of Dinosaurs

Episode 14. Understanding Equal Balance

Episode 15. Recall Of Old Foes

Episode 16 (season finale): Michael the Raptor

Season 2: Coming Soon

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