Extreme dinosaurs

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When The Diemiension Where The Extreme Dinosaurs Live Goes Haywire, Sending The Extreme Dinosaurs Into The Great Valley. Michael, And His Dino Friends Have To Stop Bad Rap And His Minions From Taking Over The Planet. Unknown To Michael, And The Extreme Dinosaurs, Veloci Found His Lost Raptor Bros And Be-Friended Them To Dominated The Planet. Shall The Raptors Succeed? Or Will The Extreme Dinosaurs Beat Them?

Season 1: Let's Get Extreme!

Episode 1: The Prehistoric Heros!

Episode 2: Code 1 Paragraph What?

Episode 3: Bad Rap's Rap

Episode 4: Carbon-Nation

Episode 5: Time To Visit The ED Diemeinsion

Episode 6: A Daylight Kidnapping 'Part 1'

Episode 7: A Daylight Kidnapping 'Part 2'

Episode 8: GEO VS FEO

Episode 9: Veloci's New Minions

Episode 10: T-Bone's Past

Episode 11: Yo-Hanna-Banna

Episode 12: The Tables Of Turning 'Part 1'

Episode 13: The Tables Of Turning 'Part 2'

Episode 14: Stegz New Machine

Episode 15: The Bulleyes Model Railroad

Episode 16: The Raptor's Match

Episode 17: Prince H's Dinosaur Town

Episode 18: President VS Dino President

Episode 19: The Run Of The Pacfic 'Part 1'

Episode 20: The Run Of The Pacfic 'Part 2'

Season 2: Coming Soon!

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