Can You Put up The bar That says Create a New Article Please? I Want to put up LittleFoot and The Dinosaur Train.

YTPMV Short - What ВИD Thinks of the YouTube Ch...   BND is Right! Sometimes Kids can't not go to youtube to become a Member (But sometimes they could.) but in Deviantart they would not allow kids there because they are young its because of those Mature Arts (and Naked Arts.) why (COPA) you should censor the art when a kid is a member on Deviantart!

Vote: Yes or No

I like if Kids was a Deviantart member they should censor Mature Arts and Naked Arts and spanking arts and Tickleing Wolfs Feet arts too.

deviantART Children  I argree Kids have  talents too!! i hate deviant art why can the commpany allow Them?

Are there any websites like Deviantart for kids? - Yahoo! Answers   I think they should make a website: deviantart for kids that they would love that place! if they made one.

Lieing about your Birth date is not good at all.

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